Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Feast on the " BEEFIER CATCH" at Manhattan Fish Market

The Manhattan FISH MARKET has always been well loved for their seafood and fish dishes .Surprisingly , they fare pretty well in dishing out beefy items too ! 

For a limited period of time, The Manhattan FISH MARKET has married beef with seafood items to come up with 4 main courses to tempt your taste buds !

We were treated to a hearty meal last week. Starting the dinner with very colorful selection of drinks and also had one round of starters .

 MFM has a wide selection of beverages

We couldn't get enough of these fried onions
and the mayo dip!

We had so much to feast on :)

Introducing the 4 "Beefier Catch

Here's the one for the guy :) Meat and fish ...great combo :D

Oven Baked Beef Rib & Grilled Ocean Perch $25.95* you can change the perch to either salmon ( + $1.00) or cod (+$2.00)
Personally I prefer the fish than the meat.. The piece of ribs we had was a bit tricky to cut and was slightly dry, but overall it was decent :)

The following main course is for ladies!

Oven Baked Beef Rib & Flaming Prawns  $23.95
This dish is good for those with smaller appeite and still wants the best of both worlds :) 
See that slightly charred prawns covered with melted cheese?
The staff will come to your table just to torch the cheese for you ! 


Handmade Beef Patty & Bouillabaisse ..
I like the pairing of beef and seafood ! $16.95

Handmade Beef Patty & Tempura Prawns Burger $15.95 is quite a sight isn't it
Love the slightly spicy mayo tempura prawns and I like thick fries like these :) 
Pity the buns were abit tad dry, but otherwise tasty :)

Manhattan Flaming Seafood Platter

 We were also treated to one of MFM's favorite platter . Not only there are generious portions of fish fillets, oysters and calamari, there are also veggies and side of rice. A wait staff will also come by your table to light up the cheesey prawns right before your eyes !

Thats not all the food we tasted !
It 's always nice to end a meal with something sweet ! 

This is a upgraded version of our local delight 
Fried banana fritters topped with ice cream and drenched with 
coconut cream!! Sinfully good!!

Eat it while it's hot!! errm..or should I say eat it before it melts? hehehe

Thank you Mahattan Fish Market for the kind invite !

The Beefier Catch promotion is for a limited time till  31st May 2015, while stocks last, at all The Manhattan FISH MARKET Stores . For dine in only . 

Manhattan Fish Market 

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