Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The One who went Dazzling Cafe Singapore

After my first experience with Dazzling cafe in Taipei, I was kinda thrilled to know that Singapore will also get to enjoy the pretty honey toasts and rabbit ear chairs !

 So yes , there I was two days ago with two foodie friends and we stood in line with a mixed range of diners ( young girls, students and office crowd  ). As they are still in their soft launch phase, opening hours are only for certain hours only. At the time being it is 12noon to 8pm.

A staff handing out water for those in line :)

We were given a queue ticket

Located in the swanky new Captitol Piazza, Dazzling Cafe seems to be a hit with customers of all ages . I guess most of us can't resist the cuteness of the place itself plus the pretty looking thick toasts and waffles sure makes any Instagram post looks good!

The decor and cafe interior 

The decor is such a big highlight of Dazzling cafe ! The rabbit ear chairs sure make it a delight for girls to sit on and take tons of selfies and group shots !

Eye catching colors and chairs

I love their coasters! I remembered bringing one home from the Taipei Main Station store

 I love how the natural light shines into the 2nd floor of the cafe

Here's my selfie with the bunny ears
taken in Taipei :)

The Food

Dazzling Cafe serves some decent savory food , but their show stealer is their honey toast range of desserts ! We decided to order 3 items to try out :)

Our honey toast served by a wait staff in frilly white apron !
This is the Mango and coconut gelato honey toast ( $18.90)

 Mango and coconut gelato honey toast  is created specially for Singapore and we were told that this is their "3rd generation toast " makes me wonder what was 1st n 2nd like. We were happy to find out that the gelato stood up to the photo taking test !

 It still look good after our shots and don't worry about cutting the toast up yourself as one of the wait staff in similar frilly apron can assist u in that area !

Here's how it looks when it's all 
cut open. There are bite size toast cubes hidden 
inside of the toast box.

 I must say taste wise this dessert didn't disappoint. The coconut ice cream goes well with the mango.  Pity the outer layer of toast was just too hard to cut..same as the one I had in Taipei .


The 2nd dessert we ordered was the Valrhona Chocolate Waffles ( $12.90 ) . It sure looks dazzling enough ! The recommended scoop of Bailey's ice cream ( additional $2.50 )provided a more well rounded taste to the waffles! It's not the super crispy kind but sure beats some other waffles out there 

Ok, enough of sweet about some pasta?

This is an exclusive to Singapore only dish
Spicy Seafood Tomyam Tomato Spaghetti  ($22.90)
The pasta hits the right notes on the spiciness but didn't score full marks for
the tomyam-ness. It lacks the tomyam sourness and spices punch..

I wouldn't mind going again with friends and gush over the pretty toasts and cute decor.. 
The next time I am there will be with some girl friends ! 

Dazzling Café Singapore
15 Stamford Road, #01-85 Capitol Piazza, Singapore 178906
Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday, 12pm to 8pm ( Soft Launch phase )

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