Monday, November 17, 2014

The Tohs at Mamma Mia !

'" You are the dancing queen, young and sweet, only 17"

The year was 1980 when I first heard of this song. Being young and curious, I was " ransacking " through my youngest uncle's drawers when I came across some cassette tapes with 4 capital letters and 4 ang mohs on the cover.  Yes I can make out those 4 letters, wasn't that difficult for a 6 year old.. ABBA. I just had to play the tape on the player, and no, in case you were wondering, I had no idea who they were until I was much older and of coz I fell in love with quite a few of their songs!

So when I learn that Mamma Mia the musical would be coming to Singapore, I knew I just had to watch it~

Being a fan of the movie version, I try not to make any comparison between the live musical and movie . Both are good in their own ways :)

The musical though, was clearly more colorful in my opinion! I was really attracted to the whole stage set up . The costumes were in such popping colors !

Oh, if you do not know what Mamma Mia is all about, then let me give you a quick brief :)

20 yr old Sophie is about to marry her sweetheart Sky and has invited possible fathers to her upcoming wedding. Her mother has no idea who Sophie's dad is and chaos arises when the three men arrived in their little Greek island to attend the wedding. Expect lots of dancing and singing!~ 

How about a little song and dance from the TV version to get you in the mood?

The plot is quite simple and the dance moments were to some 
extend silly but these ladies and their side kicks are able to 
make you wanna sing and dance along with them! 
Of cos ABBA's songs help greatly !

The three possible biological dads 

They may not have the strongest vocals but 
they sure have their moments :) 

Young Sophie and Sky

We had much fun at the gala premium
Flying Dutch Man and Venette Lopez were there too!

Fun photo booth as usual :) 

Mamma Mia would make such a good early Christmas present to your loved ones!

Catch it before they end! It has been extended till 14 December :)
Thank you Base Entertainment for the kind invite :) 

MAMMA MIA! International Tour
Season:  13 November until 14 December 2014
Venue:   MasterCard Theatres, Marina Bay Sands
Cast:       The International Tour features a cast from the UK some of which are from the West End

PERFORMANCE TIMES:                      
Tuesday – Friday 8:00pm; Saturday 2pm and 8pm and Sunday 1pm and 6.00pm
TICKET PRICE:                                      
From $95*
Excludes the booking fee of SGD$3 per ticket
, or


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