Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Healthy , afforable lunch at Foodology Fresh

With the kind of hectic lifestyle most of us are leading right now, it is essential that we feed ourselves well to face the daily toll . But guess what? That is usually not the case . A lot of people would turn to high sugar , high carbs kind of food during lunch time and after a long day at work. 

There is a cafe right smack in the heart of Chinatown and CBD area where you can eat well , enjoy a balanced diet and yet not burn a hole in your wallet! 

Foodology Fresh is conveniently located at  first level of The URA Center  ( just 5 mins away from Tanjong Pagar MRT station ) It has been serving healthy and tasty meals since January 2014 and has recently just revitalized its menu to cater to the growing numbers of office workers who seek a healthy and holistic lifestyle. 
Bright and colorful shop front :)

What does Foodology Fresh has to offer

Food offerings at Foodology Fresh is prepared fresh daily. Nothing is kept overnight . Most of the food items fulfill five health categories : - vegetarian, sugar free, lactose free, gluten free and no trans fat! . It is good for people who suffer from bloat and indigestion after a meal. These lunches are targeted to provide the much needed energy boost for a day's work. It will not leave you with a sugar rush nor will you give you a 'food coma' for sure :)  I totally dislike the after lunch sluggishness .. 

How does Foodology Fresh works?

Food are neatly labellbed and displayed in a orderly manner on the shelves. The main stars here are the wraps , sandwiches and salads. These mains are priced from $7 onwards and by topping up $3, you can get either a slice of quiche, a muffin or a hearty bowl of hot soup to go with your choice of mains .

You can either choose to eat at the cafe itself or have these 
nicely packed salads to go if you are rushing for time 

top up $3 for one of these :)

or choose some soups.. there is chicken stew and mushroom 
* I personally love the pumpkin soup..
oops forgot to take a shot of it *

quite a number of drink choices

There is coffee too if you really must have that second cup of the day 

The colorful and pretty appetizing wraps!
( $8.80 each )
Our personal favorites are the tandoori chicken and 
smoked salmon! Just look at how generous they are with 
the ingredients and fillings

The tandoori chicken wrap comes with a light punch of spice  
and is dressed in mayo and onion chili raita & it has 
slices of cucumber and lettuce to balance the taste.

 How about some salad? Here's an idea!
I would have shared half a wrap and half a salad with a co worker!
Perhaps you would like to do that too  :D
Spoiled for choices

Smoked duck breast salad ( $8.50)

salads all come with individually packed dressing 
This is the Brown Rice & Pomegranate Salad

 don't you just love the colors :D

Go for some desserts if there is still tummy space! 

I would recommend the Apple Crumble!
* if you love apples just like me *
just look at all the food we sampled :) 
I love the sweet muffins and apple crumble too! 

It was an enjoyable evening mingling with fellow foodies ! Thanks Brand Cellar and Foodology Fresh for having us  :)

My personal favorites at Foodology Fresh  : Pumpkin soup, Smoked Salmon Wrap, Brown Rice & Pomegranate Salad and Apple Crumble :)


 Address : Foodology Fresh @ The URA Centre           
               45 Maxwell Road  #01-02, Singapore 069118



Opening Hours : Monday - Friday 8am - 6pm
( Do note that they are not open for dinner )

Tel:  6223 9724

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