Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Shopping at a revamp Market Place ( Raffles City)

Can I let you on with a secret of mine? Promise not to tell anyone! I totally love going to the supermarket! I love pushing a large trolley along the aisles, looking at the special offers and some of the unique products . I love loading up with everything my heart needs to be happy, from fresh fish to tissue papers !

It is with great delight for a supermarket lover to inform you that the Market Place store ( run by Cold Storage) at Raffles City has undergone a revamp and has several exciting changes in store for us !

Simple love the bright colorful entrance ! 
Don't you think the fruit section adds a 
popping welcoming feel ?

Allow me to show you some of the fresh fruits selection 

These fruits are specially air flown straight from the farm 
and they make great gifts for a special occasion

I bet these are juicy !

Melons for a house warming gift perhaps ?

There are the usual tropical fruits selection too

With numerous office buildings around the vicinity,
Market Place at Raffles City has quick lunch solution for 
the busy office crowd. Choose from salads to sandwiches 
to yogurts at the "Food to Go'' section when you are
rushing for time or the need to meet a dateline at work. 

This section is great for busy professionals ! 
Pick up some salad, have a sandwich or even briyani !
Just pop the sandwich or briyani into the office microwave
and ta da! It's ready to eat :D  

Yes, so now that food for lunch is settled, you can also pick up some 
fruits too! There are trays of cut fruits readily packed for
 your convenience at the Fruit Bar section ! 

Great for sharing with co workers ~!

 If pre packed items are not your cup of tea, no worries!
Market Place has thought of it all!

There is a "Make your own Salad " counter :)
You can mix & match salads with your choice of toppings & dressing
Prices starts from $4.99

Eat more colorful veggie!

The usual roast section is still as good and boosting
a pizza counter too! No worries if you are running late in
getting ready for an office pot luck or home party!

Of coz if you have time, you can always pick up some ready to cook
pre marinated meats at the deli section :) or bring home
patties of wagyu beef for the home made burgers !

If meat isn't enough, do add some seafood!

freshly shucked oysters

Specially imported are these finger lime

Don't they look like cavier?
Squeeze some over the oyster and slurp it down!

What's a potluck without desserts?

Exclusive to Market Place are these
 Frank Dale dessert selections

So convenient and no need to slog over the oven
Such pretty packaging too

For the well heeled foodies and gourmands out there, 
Market Place have crafted out a carefully curated 
section of epicurean specalities at the
 new " Food of the World" section 
Imagine artisanal aged balsamic vinegar from Modena, Italy,
special sauces to bottled truffles.. Yummy!

We love this.. 
The bottled truffles will elevate your 
home parties to a different level! 

Let's hop over to the Wellness section ! 
Many of us are getting health conscience
and there is an increasing demand for health food products. 
Market Place has imported low GI and gluten free snacks and products
You can now snack without feeling guilty ! 

Gotta mention that they have a wide range 
of Bob's Red Mill products!!

When you are at Market Place , do check out the
New Product highlights at the end of the aisles! 
Quite a nice touch..
Shoppers will be alerted to the latest offerings :)

Raffles City Market Place shall set the bench mark for all other Market Place branches. You will find quality products , innovative food ideas, superior customer service and a pleasant shopping environment that enhance your lifestyles . Happy grocery shopping everyone !

Address: 252 North Bridge Road
#B1-01 Raffles City Shopping Center

Opening hours : 9am-11pm

Tel:6336 2676


Anonymous said...

I love the supermarket! i almost prefer grocery shopping to shoes shopping :P

Eileen. 静 said...

hahaha..i shall try to believe you on that :P