Monday, November 24, 2014

Pie Face is in Singapore !

Being a foodie, I get "annoyed" when friends who travelled to Australia told me about how great tasting and how cute the pies at Pie Face are whenever they get to eat it . It has been years since I visited Australia so naturally I would want to bite into one of those cute pies too !

With the recent opening of Pie Face in Somerset@313 and Bugis Village, I too finally get the chance to sink my fangsteeth into some of their irresistible flaky pies with overflowing fillings.

Located at Basement 1 of Somerset@313, it would be hard to miss a shop front that comes with a face !

Established in 2003, this Sydney based micro bakery cafe, not only sells pastries and pies made from scratch, they also have pretty good coffee to offer !  Created by Chef Francois Galand, a French born, he has incorporated the french puff pastry way into the baking of their pies. It takes several folds of the butter into the dough to create 48 flaky layers of the pie crust! 

oven fresh, whimsical pies waiting to be eaten 
* do note that the display case can be pretty hot *

Savoury pies comes in two sizes!  The big one can be a meal on its own :) Small ones are great as a snack :D * prices for big pies $4.90-$5.20 each*  *mini ones are all $3 each*

Some of the more well liked flavors includes the Chunky Steak, Chicken & Mushroom, 
Thai Chicken Curry and Tandoori Vegetable.

 Meat eaters will love the Chunky Steak Pie
Underneath the flaky pie crust is chunks of beef that 
has been braised with onions, garlic and gravy 

Here's how I enjoyed my pie..with a cup of latte :) 
Freshly brewed on the spot

Say Hi to some of the pies!
Different flavors have different faces :D 

Besides pies, they also have other treats such as these
They are both sweet and totally my kind of food .
Best eaten on the spot! 

Nicely layered crossiants!
But I still prefer mine at another cafe :P

You may wanna try their sweet pies too :) 
8 flavors in total. Managed to try 3 ( $3.30 each)
I am not much of a sweet tart give me my 
savory pies any day! 

Pie Face Bakery Café Singapore 
313 Somerset B3-10
Singapore 238935

10am-10pm daily
Bugis Village
249 Victoria St Singapore 188034
10am-10pm daily

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