Tuesday, October 07, 2014

The King Louis Halloween Set

Vivocity is one of my favorite shopping mall in Singapore. It certainly has lots of shopping and food options for us shopaholics and foodies alike! It's also a great centralized location that is easily accessible by buses and the MRT. 

Alex and I visited Vivocity just last Thursday . Thanks to Openrice, we were invited to The King Louis Bar & Grill's for a food tasting event. It is our first time joining the Openrice team and fellow Openrice foodies for an event :)

The King Louis is located on the right side of Daiso on level 3. You wouldn't miss it!

Check out the castle like facade! Come! Let's go in and dine like a king!

I must mention this first. King Louis is a good place that caters to big dining group! Food serving here is meant for sharing :D

Come with me!

The King Louis is all decked out and ready for Halloween! 

Great venue to celebrate an occassion or 
gathering for office dept meal!

Here cones the food !

We are trying out their Halloween offerings for the month of October. All the food are meant for sharing among 4-5 persons ,(everyone will get a serving of soup. )

Highlandar Pumpkin Soup 
This is a made from scratch soup using their own special in house recipe

Look how thick and creamy it is! Comes with a wedge of bread 

Next up--English Style Chicken Ceasar Salad 
This is pretty ordinary in my opinon, nothing to shout about..
but does provide some veggie to the evening 

The King Louis Platter-
Onion rings, wedges , garlic sausages and small serving of greens , served
with sweet and spicy sauce. I am ok with this except the sausages,
they appeared kinda dry and shriveled. A tad salty too , but still
great as a starter before partaking of the main course !

( Thanks to King Louis for including both the Platter and salad for
our food tasting group. Usually for the set, you can choose from
either the platter OR the salad)

Here comes the main star of the night !
Meat galore ~ A great feast for meat lovers!!
There are baby back ribs,  roasted english style queen pullet ( chicken)
Lamb steak with rosemary herbs and roast beef with black pepper sauce.

Personally I really enjoyed the chicken ( on the left ) and the baby back ribs
As lighting wasn't excellent, I didn't take photos of all the meat.

I must say being a lamb person, I was quite disappointed with the lamb steak.
My husband and some of the other foodies agreed that the lamb was too tough.
Perhaps it was over cooked? The beef steak was nice but there was a hint of
 charred taste , else the texture was good for me.

Premium BBQ Baby back ribs
This was so fork tender and I really love it ! 
But the sauce may be a tad sweet haaha.

After resting my bursting tummy , we were served with dessert!!
Coconut ice cream with almond bits
It's as if we all have a separate stomach for dessert! Most of us managed to finish 
this delicious coconut ice cream even thou we were very full from dinner ! 
I am not a coconut fan but managed to scrape everything in the glass! 
I can even have a 2nd serving of it! :D 

Check out the poster from King Louis


 You can still choose from similar meat platter sets from the menu if you dine there on 
other days of the week. They have many different sets for you to choose from ! 

Once again , thanks to Elly from The King Louis and Openrice for inviting and hosting us! 

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