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Time to Instagram your Miam Miam food!

Helloo everyone! It's 4rd October and yesterday, being the first Friday of October, it was also Children's Day in Singapore ! What better way to spend the long weekend plus celebrating Children's Day ( for mummies and daddies reading this ) than feasting and allowing the kids, young and old , to enjoy well loved and specially crafted desserts and drool worthy food at Miam Miam ! 

Not only do you get to enjoy the food, you get to take part in contests and games too ~ Don't say I never jio you !! :D 

Ok ok..let me explain how to play the first game !! 

Game 1

I am sure many of you have enjoyed a game or two of Tic Tac Toe during and your classmates sneakily scribbled d grids on your excerise books and played when the teacher 
is teaching ! Come on 'fess up hahaha.. So yes! At Miam Miam you will be playing a game of Tic Tac Toe . You will be given a card as seen below. 

Here are the rules of the game! 

1. Order one matching item in the Appetiser row as well as 1 main course and 1 dessert of your choice. The dishes must form a match line. See the Miam Miam chops on my card? Yup, it's a winning card as I have ordered one each from the respective choice!

2. Redeem a FREE Premium Matcha Softee from our staff during your next visit.

Terms and Conditions
1. One bill transaction entitles you to multiple cards but each diner is only entitled to one card.
2. Each completed card will count as one entry.

Before I explain the 2nd game, how about introducing you to some of Miam Miam's awesome selection of food??

Oh, did I mention that all Miam Miam's food are prepared after you have placed your orders? This is done to ensure freshness and also able to serve hot pipping food to the customers. So do understand this and know why the waiting time for your meals may take up to 20 mins wait .

We ordered a beautiful shade of green : Matcha Hot Chocolate
Very thick and creamy ! Great way to start our dinner :) 
Do drink it while it is hot ..

I like having some soup to start my meal:)
Milky creamy clam chowder suits my palate ..
this gets a thumbs up from me :) You know how some clam chowder 
does not have a single clam..but no worries..this has clams ~! :)

Do you have a fav.comfort food?
Mac and cheese is one of my comfort food ! 
Miam Miam does a good rendition of this cheesy pasta ! 
There are a total of 3-4 different types of cheeses and they 
have added some bread crumbs to the top . 
The top crust is super crunchy and full of cheese after it was baked! 
It was still delicious after it has turned cold.  

Miam Miam Spaghettii is one of their specialty ! 
See the egg in the center? Poke it, mix with the noodles ..
very tasty when all the items come together!
 Has ham, bacon, veggie and mushrooms :)

Riz Noir Black Rice
Be careful when you eat this ! Coz you will 
fall in love with it and crave for it after ~~~
Squid ink rice with a pretty scrambled egg to top it off! 
Very generous with the amount of seafood..
Oh yes, you will have black teeth and lips after eating this  :D

So most of us only know the dessert type of souffle , 
but do you know souffles can be savory too? 
We all went "wahhhhh" when this Souffle Au Rice
was placed on the table. It was fluffy, nicely baked
and love how wobbly it was ! Digging into it was totally fun ! 
Gotta go all the way in to unveil the rice hidden inside :)

I must say this is a delight to egg and curry lovers 
Riz Au Curry is a baked rice topped with an egg and contains 
cheese, broccoli and sausages . Mix them all up and let the 
flavors filled your palate! Again, do eat it HOT. It does get a little 
'too much' when you let it turn cold.

So before I move on to the dessert selection , let me share with you all about game 2 !

Game 2

1 - Take photos of any three dishes you ordered on Instagram and hashtag it with " whatimiamtoday" 
The dishes must form a match line ( see card diagram on the picture below ) Has to go in a vertical straight line or diagonal line

2- Get stamps from Miam Miam staff upon billing ! 

Photo with the highest likes will WIN at Beats Wireless Headphone ( worth $420!)

Closing date for both contests is 31st Oct 2014

Chocolate lovers can shout in joy ! I am very sure you will enjoy this soft , moist and chocolatey
souffle that is baked to perfection !  Just look at that pool of melted chocolate.. don't you want to dig a spoon in it!?  As I have mentioned before, each dish and dessert is prepared after orders have been placed. Hence you may experience a slightly longer waiting time if it does get a little crowded.

Valrhona Chocolate Souffle

ooh..gooey moist goodness!

Are you drooling around ? Trust me I was stuffed with food at the end of this food tasting! I just want to eat everything ( of coz I tried to moderate myself but failed at some of the dishes )

Cream Cheese Souffle Pancake
This comes with a caramel sauce! But among the desserts we tried, this somewhat
pales in comparision. I found it tad dry if not for the sauce.
There are cubes of cheese hidden inside the pancake :)

So here is the best dessert of the night for me and some of the other girls :)

 Hold your breath..

Isn't this just obscenely sinful !! Food porn at its very best!

The Famous French Toast !

I like how the toast is already in bite size and do you know that the soft whipped cream is prepared daily and it's not as sinful as you think . No butter was used :) The mix of whipped cream, the maple syrup just goes so well with the toast :)

I hope you will have fun enjoying the food at Miam Miam ! Have a good long weekend :) Remember to hashtag 'whatimiamtoday' !!

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