Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Pezzo Pizza has two new flavors!

Singapore will be celebrating her 49th birthday bash in just mere 3 days !! I am sure we are all looking forward to this day of fun and remembrance! What is a birthday if there is no food to go along with it right? There can be no better way to commemorate this day than to feast on local flavors!

Here's a piece of good news just for you ! Pezzo Pizza will be launching two totally new flavors to their amazing range of pizzas this National Day , 9 of August :)

Last Friday, I joined some Instagram foodies and bloggers on board the Singapore River Cruise , as we joined Pezzo Pizza in unveiling their brand new flavours!

It was a first for many of us on this boat cruising around the Singapore River  , touring the sights and scenes along the way.

 A shot of us before we set sail !

Pezzo is proud to present Singapore’s first-ever laksa and rendang pizzas! These two delicious pizzas are the culmination of Pezzo’s unyielding research and development efforts.

Fun and novel, the two flavours marry well with Pezzo’s secret pizza dough. The Singa Laksa pizza features a medley of ingredients: crab meat, squid, tuna, prawn and tau pok! Laksa leaves are added to the mix for a final enlivening touch. This pizza will cater to the taste buds of those who love the authentic laksa taste!


The other wonderful flavour is Chicken Rendang! it will evoke nostalgia and stir cravings for home-cooked dishes! A potpourri of red capsicum, green capsicum, white onion and oregano chicken rests atop the pizza dough. This one is for those who love their food spicy.

Both pizzas will permanently join Pezzo’s carefully-curated menu of exciting and fun offerings. Each slice goes at $4.50 for Chicken Rendang and $4.90 for Singa Laksa. The price of the full pan is S$24.90. There are as many as 16 kiosks island wide and most of them are conveniently located at heartland malls and down town malls such as Ion and Lucky Plaza. 

Totally can't wait to sink my teeth
 into the hot pizza!

Check out the chicken rendang slice..
chunky pieces of chicken !
I had two slices of the laksa pizza! 
If I have to choose my fav between these two, 
I would choose the laksa one! 
Full of punch and I love the chili and laksa leaves! 
I have to say, this is the spicier one  :)

So we ate , took photos, and mingle 
as we sailed down the river, going pass CBD

We also came close to MBS

Love the bright laser show !

Here's us again... all happy  :)

Ending the evening with a grp shot :)

Thank you Pezzo for having us !

Do enjoy your pizzas with your families while enjoying the parade
and fireworks this National Day !!

Do try out other Pezzo pizzas such as the popular Big Daddy, Meat Munchers ,
BBQ Bonaza to name a few :)

Have a few different slices or get a pan for your family and friends!


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