Monday, August 11, 2014

The Tohs at Alive Museum Singapore !

How many times have you gone "awww I wanna go Korea too ! " every time you saw friends posting photos taken at Korea's Alive Museum? Those days are over ! For you can also do that now! Right in Singapore ! :) 

Alive Museum has arrived at our shores, right here in Suntec City Mall. Kids of all ages , big and small are in for a treat at this 2 and 3D quirky visual illusion museum from South Korea. They have 8 branches in South Korea and Singapore is their 15th branch around the world. All the artwork are hand painted and crafted by by the museum's own team of artists from South Korean, so you can be ensure that they look like those back in South Korea :)

I am thankful to Omysg for the invite :) I was there last Thursday with my hubs. My advise for those of you who will be visiting the museum is to go with 2-3 other friends, then you will be able to pose and recreate some of the poses suggested on site at the musuem :)

There are indicators on the ground such as photo point which indicates where you should stand to capture the 3D art work

Another tip that I can give to the ladies who wish to visit Alive Museum is to wear jeans or pants. THis is because some of the artwork requires one to lie flat on the ground and some of the poses which you may want to create requires you to sit on the ground, so if you are dressed in a skirt or dress it may hinder you from doing so..with that said, I kinda regretted wearing a skirt that day ! 

Also do allocate enough time to spend at the museum as the place may get crowded hence you gotta wait for your turn to take pictures. Some of the poses do require some time to get the right angle to create so it may take awhile if there are really alot of people :) I would suggest giving 1.5 - 2 hours if you really wanna enjoy yourselves :) 

You can also upload your photos onto your favorite social media for sharing with your friends as there is free Wifi in the premise! Great news isn't it for those who loves sharing pictures on the go!

So , here we go! Let's sit back and enjoy the photos ! 

Check out the cute tickets :)

Right outside of the museum

Oops got trapped in the fridge!

Hello Spidy! Let's kiss !

I didn't know my dear enjoys 
such exotic flavors ! *Yucks*

There are quite a few of these interactive art pieces
You can be a part of these object art!
Go and experience this yourself :)

Oh dear!

Hey look Ma! 
I have such strong legs and strength!
Totally blended into the art ~

Poor babies! 

Handstand in the museum!
What if he knocks over the statue!?

So now will you believe that I am an angel? 

Look at naughty Alex! 
peeping at the lady !

Climb faster!! The zombies are coming after you ~ 

How about some river rafting?

Or play a game of table tennis perhaps? 

Now how did Alex get all the way up there!?
He knows gong fu !!

What a cheeky elephant! 

I believe I can fly....
But alas! I have been captured by a monster cat!

Do you know that there are over 80 pieces of creative art pieces 
of which 9 are only available in Singapore?

Here are some of these we have taken! 

Top of the world! 

Credit : Alive Museum

There are certainly more paintings than what I have shown you here.. 

Even though a picture tells a thousand word, 
these are the photos that you gotta experience 
them for yourselves! 

Here are more tips for you when you are there! 
- Try different poses with your not be afraid of being dramatic or funny.. 
that's what makes the pictures come Alive! 
- Try not to use flash when taking photos with the art work. Some flashes may be too strong , 
the artwork are meant to be taken without flash for best effects! 
- Always crop your photos for best photo composition :) 

About 30 % of the artwork will be changed every 12-18 mths, so that means you can revisit the museum again and again!

Mermaid under the sea

Sailing into our bright future :) 

Good news!
You can enjoy a 20% discount from now till 31 Aug 2014
use discount code " aliveopen"  when you checkout your booking online!

Location: Suntec City Mall #03-372 (Between Towers 3 and 4)
( where Eng Wah cinema used to be )

Ticket Prices: $25 (Adults), $20 (Children 3-12 yrs)

Operating Hours: 10am – 10pm Daily (Last Admission at 9pm)

Website :

Facebook :

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