Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The One who visited Tian Kee & Co

I assumed most of you know Old Airport Road Hawker Center ( near National Stadium ) but do you know the old estate just 5 minutes away from it ? Alex and I visited the Dakota estate few years back and did some exploration in the area. It was truly a place where time stands still. Some of the flats are built in the 1950s and the exterior has stayed this way since!

 As I was making my way to Tian Kee & Co, walking pass the very quiet playground, I am once again reminded of how important it is to conserve similar places like Datoka.

The former space at Tian Kee & Co.used to be a provision shop
 that served the estate for many years.

Current owner of the cafe ,CK , decided to set up shop at this premise when he knew that Mr Lim had intentions to give up the provision shop. Up came this retro fitted old skool cafe that retained the old provision shop's signage as well as some of the fixtures.

Isn't this block quaint? Quite one of its kind...
Tian Kee is located at the end of the row...

A sign that has weathered many seasons

 I didn't take pics of the interior ( am very sure other blogs did ) 
.. but I did take pics of the coffee and cake I ate :) 

 This is the "Snag"
Espresso and Rose Syrup milk..
It is totally my kind of coffee.. love the color and taste
Drink some coffee now!

Tian Kee sources some of its cakes from Cat & The Fiddle
But I don't know where this Pandan cake is from
and it is delicious ! I got a feeling that it might be from Bangawan Solo..
just a mere guess!!
 Snacks we adore as kids..
and still love them now as adults :)

Haw flakes , lemon sweets and chocolate wafers ..
Decided to post this from Tian Kee's facebook
The Milo tin just shouts out the good old days !

Photo credit Tian kee & Co
Before I forget, this cafe does not has air conidtioning..
just like the good old days.. fan and natural breeze ! 
I cooled down pretty fast when I was there last week..

Enjoy the place but pls don't spoil the tranquility
 I love how laid back it feels..

when was the last time you sat on one of these !!?

ok..now bring your kids, your ah ma, ah gong , mummy daddy
your clan to enjoy this place!

Tian Kee & Co.
Blk 12 Dakota Crescent, #01-48

Nearest Bus Stop (B80279) - 2 mins walk
Bus 12, 14, 30, 158, 196 and 401

Nearest MRT station
Mountbatten MRT (CC7) - 3 mins from Exit B
Dakota MRT (CC8) - 5 mins from Exit A

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