Monday, June 16, 2014

The Revamp of Talika BHG Bugis counter

I was invited to a cosy tea party organised by Talika , the well loved skin care brand, over at their newly opened counter at BHG Bugis Junction. The beauty hall at first floor of BHG has been revamped and is now looking spiffy and bright! The new Talika counter is much better and bigger than their former location! 

They are located in a cosy corner near to the junction of 
Rocher road  & North bridge road


Products are nicely displayed for customers
to try out . Love the sleek looking packaging :)

We were also given a brief intro of 
what some of the more popular products 
can do for us.

 letting us bloggers try out the testers

These are some of Talika's star products
The Light Duo which uses light wavelengh to treat 2 of the most visible effects of 
aging, pollution and UV rays: skin loss of elasticity 
and skin coloration, more precisely wrinkles and dark spots.
It is effective on the face, eye contour, lips, hands, neck.

The X Slim - skin-regenerating solution combines three wavelengths
 to “eradicate” bulges and cellulite.

and the third product at the bottom is the Cream Booster, the applicator which enhances the effectiveness of all your skincare products. The combination of three exclusive technologies in one device delivers a targeted and reinforced action from the active ingredients,
 for even greater effectiveness. You can drop by Talika's counter to give them a try !

 Check out these pretty and delicous 
cupcakes specially prepared for the opening!

We can also do a quick hand treatment 

That's me trying out the nail treatment on my left hand
and the right is wearing their Hand Therapy gloves
My hands instantly felt smoother after the treatment! 

We were also given a goodie bag of awesome products before we say goodbye. Come, let's check out the products!

left to right- Lash conditioning cleanser , Gentle eye cleanser, 
Lipocils & Black  n last but not least, the Lipocils Expert

I am quite excited to try out this !
It is an eyelash conditioning gel which promotes growth of
 the lashes as well as curl and strengthen them!
Seriously dislike that my lashes sometimes do fall off when removing
 my mascara or eye makeup. This should be able to protect them now!
This is another great product
First we apply the LIPOCILS gel to the roots of 
our cleansed lashes and then apply the mascara

You will be able to achieve longer and fuller lashes!

before applying and after applying..
my lashes look better and more alive!

This is the Lash conditioning cleanser , oil free and 
great for removing makeup and at the same time 
conditions our weaken or damaged lashes . 
Just like how our hair needs conditioning, 
our lashes also need it too!

The other product would be the Gentle eye cleanser. 
This is good as it takes into consideration
 of those with hypersensitive eyes as well as contact lens wearers~ 

Pump one to two times of cleanser onto a cotton pad

Gently place it upon your eye and remove your 
eye makeup in a upwards motion

It was able to remove my mascara and some parts of 
my eyeliner in two swipes. May require more pumps if 
you are wearing waterproof eye makeup.
 I am super thrilled with these products ! It's good to know 
that my eyelids and eye lashes are taken care of! 

Do visit Talika counter at BHG soon! The Talika ladies would be glad to introduce 
you to more of their wonderful products.

Thanks Mag for the lovely invite and playing host to us

Talika BHG Counter 
 BHG Bugis Junction 
( junction of Rocher road  & North bridge road)

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