Sunday, January 05, 2014

Happy 2014~!!!

Happy New Year everyone !!

My oh my ~!! This is truly epic! I have never neglected my blog for a month since I started writing ..and this is the first time I have not updated this space for a mth !! My apologies to you , my readers ( if any...I sure hope there are at least 10? :} ) December has been a busy month ...Have been settling in with living with my in laws , coping with having my husband by my side hehehe * except when we are at work * , plus the start of a new job. Oh and not to mention the festivities and all the Christmas and year end get together with family and friends! What a month it has been !

It has been coming to 2 mths since I have shifted to my in laws' and so far it has been pleasant. You know how the saying goes...相处容易,同住难's kinda true since we all have different ways of dealing with certain daily living situations. There are of coz instances where I have to close my eyes to my husband's family's little nitty gritty details that irks me. But isn't this so even when we are living with our own parents and family? It's all about compromising.

Some concern friends have been asking if I am ok so far with this situation..and some of them who do not stay with in laws said it will be okay..right..I really wanna tell them go try and stay with your own before telling me that. With that said, my in laws have been really nice to me. It is also a trying time on their part for having me to stay with them. I have been trying to ease into my role of being a daughter in law by washing up after dinner, washing some of my own clothes, baking once while..buying snacks for them...( not much housework to do coz mom in law is a house wife ).  So now it seems that the men have it easier... in my case that is LOL~

Ok...enough of that domestic topic! Let me gather my thoughts and I will be back again with another post. Need to scoot off now for a brunch gathering!

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