Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Tohs at Singapore River Safari

We have been wanting to visit the River Safari since last year, and finally it happened two weeks ago :)  Spent close to 4 hours in the park and had our lunch there too. We finally met Kai kai and pity that Jia Jia was as usual hiding inside her enclosure.

Ok, enjoy the photos now!

What sharp teeth you have!!

Ooh..hello manatee

 such cute sleeping otters!
 they are quite naughty actually...

Kai kai relaxing away in his compound

I much prefer the red pandas to the pandas! 
They are so cute, and has a friendly face!

 These spider monkeys are kept in a free roaming enclousure.
Even though we are not able to touch them, they would 
still come close to us and they are very naughty!
Look how one baby monkey tried to be 'funny'
with Alex..was trying to bite him hahaha..  and yes, 
I was quite apprehensive posing for the photo. 
Who knows if it will pounce on me LOL!
hmm..what is Alex looking at!?!? lol..
these panda stools are so adorable hahaa
it seems like mandatory to order these !
They don't come cheap..
0the baos are $2.90 each and coffee is $5.50!

 too cute to be eaten hehehe

lovely view 

We had quite a fun day .. looking forward to more excursions :)

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