Saturday, December 07, 2013

Snippets of my customary wedding 9 Nov 2013 Part 2

Hello December! Yes, it is the last month of the year. I know how badly overdue this is now   here's part 2 of my wedding day :)

Our wedding dinner was held at PARKROYAL Kitchener ( Si Chuan Duo Hua ). I shall just let the photos do the talking :)

setting for VIP tables

Made my own ang bao boxes and we also 
had a thumbprint tree for our guests :)

It has been a month since the customary wedding.. 
Life has been okay so far.. and I have since 
moved further to the east.. still adjusting to life with 
the in laws.. So far it has been smooth going.. 

Well.. will be back soon.. the new chapter 
has just began :) 

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