Friday, November 22, 2013

Snippets of my customary wedding 9 Nov 2013 Part 1

Following family's wishes, we held our customary wedding day on the 9 of Nov 2013. It was a nice day with some showers in the afternoon. That didn't matter since we were already at the hotel after a busy busy morning which started at 6am!

As my parents and in laws were not too strict on matters such as auspicious timing, there was no need for me to be married off to my in laws that morning :)

The night before, good friend Alicia came by to prep for the delicious food that the girls will be feeding the guys and groom with. As with most customary games, these food usually consist of these tastes- 酸甜苦辣 ie sour, sweet, bitter, and spicy. These are said to be the flavors of married life.

I know I know, I should cut short the words and go straight to the peektures!

So here they are....

the gold set is the 四点金given by my mother in law 
See how I decorated my front door? hehehe.

The girls had some yummy shots of drinks for the 
groomsmen and groom :)
Oh there is even desserts prepared! 

With Parents

 one with the girls

while waiting for the groom
( got married off in my parent's place..
hence this is not my room, but my brother's )

baby cousin ( not that young, but one of my youngest cousins)
assigned the task of opening the bridal car door.. 

pic on the right- with my mum in law 
I wore the not so nice kua from the bridal studio for 
tea ceremony at my in laws and the cheongsum was wore 
during tea ceremony at my mum's 

The Tohs

The Lims 

more updates to follow :) 

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