Thursday, August 29, 2013

Eileen visits The Little Prince Cafe - 小王子咖啡店

I have to admit that ever since I have started on my Instagram food account, I really haven't been 
posting much on my blog! How lazy have I been.The photos that I have posted in this entry have been posted on my IG account already and have received numerous likes :) 

Till today I still can't keep up with the amount of new cafes that kept popping up at all corners of our little island~  I guess I will just take my time to visit them .. It was while looking thru my IG feeds that I came across The Little Prince Cafe around Jln Besar . It was just 10 mins away from my place. And the setting in the photos look so cozy and it is a theme cafe :) I knew I had to go see this cafe!! 

Tucked in a nondescript corner of a residential building (Residences @ Somme) near Pertain Road is this cute little theme cafe. You will like this place if you like whimsical things and is a definitely must go cafe if you are a Little Prince fan!! The cafe is not big, sits about 12 indoors and they have a few outdoor tables too.It faces a quiet little park which makes it lovely to just soak in the quiet neighborhood on a lazy afternoon.

Check out the lovely hand drawn mural on the wall! 
Love that window and book shelve!

 Another mural on the other side of the cafe :)

 Just took a portion of it..
Go see it for yourself!
Really cute!

it was this drink that captured my heart on Instagram
Isn't the color just just so sweet and heart melting?? 
Do you know how it taste like?
This is actually bundung but not the usual sweet cold one
This is hot bundung! N I love it! 
I guess the milk % is more than the syrup..

Also tried the soy mocha,
well.i guess it has more room for improvement :)

Just gotta order some cakes to munch
These are their strawberry rolls 
$2.90 for two. 
They are soft and not too sweet..goes 
so well with my rose latte! :D

the kind owner also treated us these puffs!

Pick up a copy of  The little Prince
and start reading about boa constrictors!

There are more food selections on the meun board such as sandwiches and quiche. I will be back to try them out soon :)

The Little Prince Café
62 Somme Road #01-03 Singapore 207877
Monday to Sunday, 11am to 10pm (Close on Tuesdays)

62 Somme Road, #01-03
20787 Singapore
62 Somme Road, #01-03
20787 Singapore


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this... I am planning to visit it this week!

Eileen. 静 said...

It is such a whimsical place! Hope u like it there too!