Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Eileen's various birthday celebration(s)

Birthday Celebration 1

Thanks Liz & Ammi for a 
great dinner and catchup

Birthday Celebration 2

Got to know a bunch of fun foodies on IG
We hit off immdidetely and there
were no silent awkward moments at all :) 

Birthday Celebration 3

Thanks my dearest friends 
for the dinner treat at Folks Collective~ 

We love the decor at this cozy and beautifully decorated 
restaurant, but service needs much improvment 
( shall post food soon~ ) 

Birthday Celebration 4

Spend a fun day with my dear girls
 and fav "brother"

We had a wonderful brunch at Cafe Gavroche

Looking good 

Went to the outdoor gardens and the Sky walk! 

Look at the cakes and candles :) 
I can't be happier~~

Thanks for all the lovely gifts!!!

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