Friday, August 30, 2013

Eileen eats Bear Bits 熊の食 @ *scape

🐾The cutest bun can be found at *scape 🐾

There are about 6 choices of buns you can choose from ( milk, brown sugar, yam, curry, oat, strawberry (seasonal) or squid ink.)

The one you see here is the milk flavored bun. It is very soft and reminds me of those sweet steam man tou ( 馒头) or kong ba bao😉 . The set came with a generous serving of fries( can upgrade cheese fries) and choice of bottled drink. $7.80 . It was a messy affair for me while eating it 😅. We were alittle disappointed about the fries as they didnt taste fresh..( like super dry and deep fried many times ) .

I would have loved to take more photos but lighting was really bad as it was in the evening , plus there were only a few out tables for customers. Oh, just to mention, it is all outdoor seating.. Very "romantic'' right under a big tree. So do look out for falling leaves..and what not :P

As I posted my review on Instagram , the kind people at Bear Bites saw my post  and they were nice enough to offer me a packet of fries on the house the next time I drop by and show them the post! :D

Maybe I just might! But will go in the day time :)

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