Friday, June 14, 2013

The ones who ate pancakes at Paddington House of Pancakes

We went by Paddington House of Pancakes after dinner and shopping on a week day :) It was about 9.15pm when we stood outside waiting to be served. We were kinda suprised when told that they were about to close. Oh, but their last order is at 9.30pm, so that was still okay. 

We went in and sat at a corner table. I always thought that the cafe is big but only realised it was the mirror that gave us all the illusion! There isn't a lot of tables but was okay if you go after dinner hours for desserts. I have seen and heard good reviews for the desserts on instagram so I have been wanting to give it a try! 

There must be more than 40 choices of pancakes and crepes combinations listed on the menu!!! We simply have no idea where to start choosing from . 

We decided on a stack of 3 pancakes topped with ice cream and some bananas after studying the menu for 5mins!  There was this peanut butter caramel like spread to go with the pancake and bananas. Tasted really heavenly when eating all together!! 

Here's a close up of maple syrup drizzling onto the pancake and ice cream :D

I posted this pic onto my instagram feed as well and tagged it with #makanhunt. 
Guess what! It won me two Golden village movie tickets..All thanks to Open Rice for 
organzing this tag your food hunt !

So yeah, they also gave me this cute paper craft which I 
had to cut, fold and paste . I can place the small pancake
photo into the slot! :) Erm, of coz my friend and I were 
wondering perhaps they can give more practical gifts like pen 
or food vouchers :D But anyhow, I am very happy with the tickets!

We will go back for other desserts. As for the other dishes, hmmm..perhaps can give it a try...

Paddington House of Pancakes
#02-35/36 City Square Mall,
180 Kitchener Road,
Singapore 208539

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