Monday, June 10, 2013

Preview of one gown for bridal shoot

Here's a preview of one of the gowns
we have chosen for the bridal shoot :D 

I like simplicity and nothing over the top.

My bridal studio is Di Gio at the usual bridal street at
Duxton area. The girl who helped me pick the gowns 
chose some of the funniest gowns ever! 
But thankfully we kept asking her to give us more to try and 
this came up :) 

Di Gio has quite a lot of gowns to choose from but you 
have to be firm on the kind of gowns you like and don't
get swayed by the coordinators :)
 It's okay to try and try and try..

Before we go for our shoot...I edited this pic
that was taken by a good friend..
This was shot way back last year when Alex proposed :) 

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