Monday, June 17, 2013

Tong Ya Coffee Shop 东亞

I have heard of this coffeeshop for the longest time but just didn't make the effort to go for breakfast . Some friends and I were surprised that the coffeeshop will be moving away as this uiqune building has been sold. Some friends have spoken to the owner and he said that they will try to look for a place near chinatown.

Ok, so what are the must try here?

My would be their awesome awesome tummy yummy french toast!!! Each piece of toast is generously coated with eggs. After toasting or frying, they stacked them up and topped up with a slice of cold butter!!Served with a side of is totally worth the calories! Eat them together for a totally orgasmic french toast experience~

If french toast is not quite your thing..then try their normal kaya butter toast 
 Each slice is nicely toasted..very crispy.  Pity they are done by non locals.. but  was okay for the 
experience. Coffee was strong and good as tried by a friend. I had teh C and my other half had kopi C. So we can't say much about  the coffee. Another friend had their normal kopi with milk and she loved it.

Am not too sure when will this coffeeshop move or close so better go try it before it is too late :)

Tong Ya Coffeeshop
36 Keong Saik Road

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