Monday, June 03, 2013

The one who made molten lava cake

Had some free time on hand recently..
Decided to try my luck on making 
molten lava cake..

It's a really easy to do dessert! 

Here are the ingredients

main ingredients
Unsalted butter
Hersey's semisweet cooking chocolate

Melt the butter and choco 
using the doubling boiling method. 

Nicely melted choco and butter mixture

Fold in the rest of the ingreidents and mix them well.. 

Here's the cake after baking for 10 mins!

not the best looking 
but hey.look..there is the lava 
in the middle of the cake :)

oh so yummy and rich! 

I wouldn't be providing the receipe since there are so many of them posted online :) Just do a search and I am sure you will find one that suits you  ! Good luck! :)

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