Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Eileen eats at Saveur again

I was back at Saveur couple of weeks back  and I brought Alex along :) 
It is his first time there .I was pleasntly surprise to find that Saveur 
has taken over another shop space next to them
They have expanded! :) 

Still, the noise level is still the same..It still feels like a market while 
having our meal there.. The noise just doesn't go anywhere. .. 

Ah anyway, food is still yummy at Saveur, 
 considering the price we pay.

We started our meal with this...
Coffee? Nooo..

This is mushroom soup! :D

We had a foie gras to share..Hmm..more like I ate most of it 
cos he doesn't quite fancy this.. :P 

Alex compared this redition to the one 
he had eaten at Pollen...
Oh baby. how to compare.
But for the price of $10.90, it is quite nice :)

Don't you just love roast pork belly??

My sea bass on top of some potatoes

We had no room for desserts .. 
But yes , we will be back for more :) 

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