Wednesday, April 03, 2013

New found Viet love- Long Phung at Joo Chiat

Move aside all other Viet diners and pho ! 

 I have a new found love  and that is Long Phung at Joo Chiat! Yup, at Little Vietnam. There are a few Viet diners around that area. I am surprised that this place is pretty popular among locals too.

It's open by a Viet lady and food is very authentic n the place is non frills. Many people have blogged about this place.. Can't wait to go again :p  When I was there on a weekday with a friend for lunch, there were alot of natives slurping their noodles and chatting away in Vietnamese .


 This is the special noodle with beef slices and balls at . The soup is something i have never tasted before. broth is sweet and flavorful . It comes with an egg! :)

This is GOOD STUFF!! 

We had the Goi Cuon too
Nice and fresh..goes very well with that 
bowl of sauce...

Check out the chillis!!
Help yourself!!

The mango salad is Awesome!!!

Ah, free flow of limes too!

I am craving for a pipping hot of pho now after typing this!! :D 

Long Phung
159 Joo Chiat Rd  Singapore 427436
                                               Tel: 9105 8519                                                

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