Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Variations of my oats breakfast

What do you usually eat for breakfast..? No wait, do you even eat breakfast? 
It is the most important meal of the day in case you don't know :) 

So yes, some of you may already know that I eat oats 4-5 times a week for 
breakfast . It is easy and fuss free to consume in the morning. 

Here are some of my variations of oats. 
( oh.. lately I am eating steel cut oats instead of
the usual rolled oats..I like the texture of the steel cut oat) 

Add some bananas , berries and museli
to my bowl of hot oats 

I know some people dislike the
taste of oats... so why don't you 
try adding some toppings to it ? 

Here's the cold version..
more like a dessert  ! 

I have added some oats, museli, berries, yogurt 
and milk into a jar.. keep it overnight
in the fridge and it's all ready to eat in the morning!!

I love overnight oats in a jar :)

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