Monday, February 25, 2013

Valentine Dinner At Fern and Kiwi

Hello hello... 
It has just rained heavily this evening 
and it kinda sets a romantic mood tonight :) 

I love raining makes me just wanna
jump into bed and sleep 
But I have decided to write about our Valentine's day 
dinner at Fern & Kiwi!

So empty at 6.45pm...
We arrived at Fern & Kiwi and was brought up 
to the 2nd level . Was shown to our table .
Being one of the first few diners at that time, I thought we 
could change tables as we were seated just directly facing the 
noisy road. ( it was raining and lots of cars were passing by ) 

Sadly, after enquring about the change of tables, we were told the better
placed tables were reserved already  :{ I wasn't quite pleased and
that left a bad impression already. 

Moving on...

We were served a complimentry glass of oyster shooter 
before being served our starters..

 Quite nice actually! It was our first time having this...
One oyster underneath the Bloody Mary :D

 Alex recommended me the NZ soft drink..
He had it before when he was in NZ 
Very refreshing..i like it!

 Next we had foie gras and scallop starter
Interesting apple jelly with teeny thin slices of apples
in the middle..

 I love how the jelly goes with the taste 
of foie gras... can't get enough..
but foie gras is sooo oily.. :P 

love this..

Being a NZ restaraunt, one would think that steak would be 
their pride and joy..
Maybe it was just our luck...but Alex's steak had 
a slight burnt taste to it... 

I had a big piece of cod! 
Very fresh and nice :) 

We were very full by now as we finished off our main course..
There was still the dessert platter ! 

It came in a dessert board..

First was a tiny scoop of dark chocolate ice cream, 2nd was a shot glass of white chocolate mouuse and lastly molten lava chocolate cake!! 

It's so funny... by the time the desert board reaches our table, that tiny scoop of ice cream has already started meltin! so much so that I don't even know it was ice cream!! 

It was already very dark  ( dim lighting coz it's Valentines!) and I only had my iphone with me..
so can't take any pics for the dessert except for the white chocolate...

The molten lava cake was way way too rich and sweet to finish it.... 

It was after all a satisfying meal with my dear one :)

Here's what he gave me for Valentines :D
 +sheepish voice+ oops.. I am supposed to get him a key pouch of sorts.. but need to go shopping with him so he could choose one that he fancies! :)

Fern and Kiwi
3C River Valley Road, #01-02/03 The Cannery, Clarke Quay, Singapore 179024

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