Monday, February 25, 2013

Highlights of Lunar New Year 2013

Well, yes, I must really offer my apologies for not updating my blog diligently these few months 
I have been concentrating on doing my research for my upcoming wedding end of this year :)

One more item on my wedding to do list has been strike off! We have placed our deposit for the bridal studio * Yay !* It also means the start of my diet journey to a slimmer me.,...  -_-''

I will prob do another post on some of the wedding service providers we have chosen. Now, here are some highlights from the recent Lunar New Year celebrations and meet up with our friends :)

 Reunion meal with my in laws. 
Awesome steamboat!

 Had first Lou Hei with my family on 
New Year's Eve.


Had our usual gathering at Lynn's place :) 

 Managed to pay Liz a visit too!! 

 Had steamboat again 
on the 2nd last day of the new year celebrations 

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