Sunday, December 30, 2012


Oh how have I neglected my blog these days.. 
You must forgive me, it's not easy being 
someone's wife! :P ok ok..who am I 
kidding? Nothing much has change really.. 
and yes, we have started addressing each other's parents as 
mum and dad. It was a little weird at first 
but after a few times it seems okay :) 

So yes, we had a short staycation after our ROM that Saturday. 

Here's The Scarlet( near Maxwell market)
at Club Street 

Nice backdrop at the hotel

Jandy and Melvin came along with us
and left shortly after tea...

oh yes , the kind people at Scarlet surprised us a platter of
complimentary chocolates and strawberries :)

we wiped out everything :P

changed out of my dress and took another
pic with the flowers... 

The Scarlet was a beauty at night.. pity
we didnt take any photos of it ..
we were too busy enjoying each other's company :P

Had a celebratory drink up on the roof top bar

Here you go..
The Tohs

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