Friday, January 11, 2013

Last Christmas ( 2012)

Christmas 2012

We have already entered the 2nd wk of the new year
and here I am posting about last christmas!

Don't let me keep you...
so here are the photos... 

Lunch with family 

Cousins and us..
Brother took the photo for us :P

Had crabs!

Lunch with Alex's family

The spread at sis in law's

the embedded santa :P

 It was steamboat at Jandy and Melvin's on 
Christmas day 

Met with Vernice , her baby Skyler and dear June 
before Christmas for lunch 

 Christmas gathering with my 
Instagram foodie friends



Met another group of 
gal friends for lunch 
on boxing day!

Wei ting's niece came along too :)

Here are some of the presents 
I received this Christmas :)

Just sharing a pic I like 
taken at the Registry of Marriage 
when we went to collect our cert

Christmas 2012 was 
one of my happiest Christmas ever

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