Saturday, September 08, 2012

Flowers at Gardens by the Bay ( Flower Dome )

We toured the Flower Dome right after our lunch at Pollen :D 
That would be a month or so ago :)
It is also here where Alex proposed to me :P 
Well... enjoy the photos ! 

temperature at this place is kept 
between 23°C to 25°C

This cactus reminds me of a boom microphone!
Do not touch it! It may look furry but pls!
it's really full of spikes! ;p

Really ugly strawberries! But nevertheless
yes..there are some strawberries in the dome. 
It's not totally obvious as these were kinda
hidden away..

such lovely bright colors

In full bloom


Some photos below taken with Iphone and macro lens :) 

 Spotted a fly! 
It was very still the whole time..
we suspect that it could be dead :P

pollen of a flower

Oh, okay..see this pic with me seated on this unique chair?
Alex proposed just right after this photo was taken lol! 


It was nice being able to see all these pretty flowers and plants from all over the world.. 
It would be impossible for them to be alive or even grow in our usual tropic weather..
but with the flower dome..they are able to !

Read here for my first visit to the Gardens by the bay in 2011 
before they were officially open

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