Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Pictorial - Night Festival 2012

 Children's Dream at SOTA

 We the People
( by Biran Gothong Tan )

Color changing facade at Peranakan Museum 

This was such a popular performance!
Dancer on a crane moved to the beat!
Can feel the adreline rush as she twirled around

Distorted forest

Mimoid II

Eyes on you.. 

Looking at you !  
Fish Tank 

Another of my fave... 
4 girls sloshing in a plastic pool suspended above our heads! 

The Singapore Night Festival is a yearly event tied up with the 
museums around Brash Basah area..
Don't miss the next one now if you have enjoyed my photos! 

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FoodieFC said...

haha some of them looks like haunted houses.