Monday, June 25, 2012

端午节- Time for dumplings!

 I tried my hands on wrapping dumplings last weekend~ 
Thanks to my future MIL who has years of experience for guiding me :p 
She has been doing this alone for more than 20 over years! 

Every year around this time she would prepare the ingredients from scratch
and spent two weekends wrapping and boiling the dumplings . 

The dumplings are then shared among relatives ..
It has been a tradition~! 
In fact, her food are well loved by all her relatives..

these are for the bak zhang ( meat dumplings)
there's rice, chestnuts, mushrooms and of coz pork!
Salted egg yolk is sometimes added as well..

It's all about tactics and good hand motions
when it comes to wrapping a nice triangular shaped dumpling 

following Auntie's instructions.. 
only managed to wrapped about 4 dumplings :P 
It's really not easy!  

Not many people bother to use such charcoal stoves!
check out that old skool pot..
that's where all the dumplings go for a dip!

With practice in the coming years, I should be on my way to 
wrapping the perfect dumplings for my family and friends!

all wrapped and tied up.. 
ready to enter the boiling hot water .

Eat up!  :)


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