Wednesday, June 20, 2012

tete a tete at Full House cafe

Does Full House sound familiar to you ? is not the korean drama full house..

Full House is a new cafe in Hotel Rendezvous . Alicia and I hadn't plan to go there .. in fact, we wanted to visit another cafe near Centerpoint. But that cafe wasn't how we envision it to be :P

I was first captivated by the cute car and the wall mural of the cafe on the first level.

how cute is that!

we were told to proceed to the 2nd floor via the hotel

This cute lady greeted us at the entrance~ 

As we were too busy eating and catching up..
we didn't explore the whole 'house' ..
That makes a good reason to go back again!

Calarmari with wasabi mayo sauce 
 Roasted Chicken Parcel
Stuffed with mushroom, sautéed daikon and chinese herbs.

Chocolate cake 

Apple tart 

Here are more photos

It is indeed a very dreamy place .. Will visit this place again :)

I would like such a corner for my kitchen..
hmm..but sadly there may not be space for it..  

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