Sunday, July 01, 2012

Eileen Eats- Saveur

Having read about Saveur in a few blogs as well as some editorial write up about them, I was very keen to spend some dollars at this economical french diner. After one failed attempt on a hot afternoon( there was a que and we don't want to wait ) , I decided to ask my friend Wei Ting to lunch last Sunday.

It was easy to locate the cafe. If you are walking in to Purvis St from Bras Basah, it's the 3rd ? shop house. If you are coming from Beach Rd, then it's right at the end ..

I arrived at 1.30pm and the place was 90% filled. I didn't have to wait to get a table for 2. Got myself seated at a table behind a large group of 8 diners. That proved to be a huge mistake but I have no other choices to choose from.

This place has a rather low ceiling . Sounds from every angle seemed to be contained in that space.. It is really noisy when it is 100% filled at 2 pm~ Plus the laughter and chatter from that big group just centimeters away from my ears, I was this close to turning around to tell them to shut up~ I was so happy to see that group leave. But my happiness was short lived. Seconds to their departure, another big grp whizzed pass my table.. yup..sat right at that table again.. and my misery continues .

So yes!! THIS IS A NOISY CAFE. I bet they sneakily do this so we diners can get out and not linger on to chit chat. In this way they can get a higher turn over for the tables... I must say business is really brisk ..there are people constantly walking in for lunch.

While waiting for Wei Ting, I ordered the Mesclun Salad With Lemon Vinaigrette And Crispy Duck ($3.90)

 Was really hungry , so I kinda wolfed down the salad.. 
A tad too much dressing and looms to the salty side

Decor is simple.. 
doodles and photos framed up on the walls.

Taken before we left...

for 2.
Pasta with Sakura prawns ($6.90)

 My duck confit on mashed potatoes and some shitake $9
meat was tender :) had better ones..but for this is good  :P

Wei Ting chose the
Chicken Roulade With Foie Gras Stuffing And Basmati Rice - $8
our first thoughts were..
" wtf is that bubbly disgusting thing ! "
Honestly it does not look appetizing hahaha.. 
Okay okay.. it's kinda like cheese foam..
Foie gras in this dish is quite secondary..
main is the chicken.. we can barely taste the foie gras..
 The serving is quite small for this.. 

 We ended lunch on a sweet note..
This is Chocolate mousse with 
hazelnuts and diced berries
love this~

I will still return to this place. prices are really economical ! 
There are hits and misses of coz as with all restaraunts 

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