Wednesday, May 16, 2012

So I have mild atopic eczema

The itchy condition started a few days before we went for our Bali trip. It started off on my legs.. I just kept scratching..then it got to my knees as well.. I kinda ignore it coz it's quite common for my skin to itch once awhile.  So off we went for our trip and soon we were back. The itch didn't really bother me when I was distracted with other things..or as I go about my daily life. It seems to escalate to a horrible uncontrollable extend when I am idle . So a few days after I got back from Bali, I went to consult my GP. She gave me some antihistamine ( which made me awfully drowsy ) and Physiogel AI cream to relive my itch.  As it is , I have been using Physiogel cream for awhile* the over the counter one* so I kinda know it will help. It did help a little but the itch persisted. Everyday I continued to  apply tons of cream and lotion over my arms and legs. Oh, I have also bought a new shower gel, one for sensitive and dry skin . It's not the best one coz I realized it has perfume ie it is not fragrance free

By week 3 of my itch, we decided that I should seek another opinion, this time round we went to Eu yan san , TCM. I was given a week's worth of powder medication to consume and tthe itch came and went..This went on another 3 weeks. I am tired and money has been spent! Yet I am still itching.. :(

By week 7, some tiny bumps started appearing on my right arm. My friends and Alex tried to assure me that it's prob.just dirt and that I have been scratching the area which explains the bumps. But after couple of days, the bumps didn't disappear even though I have applied some cream and stopped touching it. So with the bumps appearing, I decided it's time to see a dermatologist, so I managed to make an appt with a doctor . Just visited him few days ago and he kinda confirmed that my condition has got to do with dry skin.
Right now, with the medication ( Xyzal) and some creams he prescribed, I am not scratching much and the tiny bumps have subsided a bit .

As for diet wise, I have cut down on seafood..don't really wanna risk it. It's the worst feeling ever..the itchiness I mean. 

I bought the Eurerin one myself and 
the dermatologist gave the Avene one to me..
Preferred Avene now as I realised Eucerin has
 perfume as one of it's ingredients

I am also trying not to use products that contains paraben as it could be a source of where my itching comes from.. also, paraben have been found in extremely low concentrations in breast cancer tumors. A lot of our skincare products as well as cosmatics contain this to totally remove it from our lives is kinda difficult. So I am trying to cut down on it as much as I can.

The small tube was from my GP, and the bigger tube 
is what I have been using all this while..
I like Physiogel as the cream doesn't leave u feeling all 
oily. It really works into the skin..
They are not cheap by the way..

 I like this too! Of coz the formula is not as good as
Phyisogel or the tube the doc prescribed
But it's cheap! Only $10 for this bottle.. 
I use this in between my other creams..

This is prescribed cream. Not found over the counter.. 
has to be applied over moist skin. The doc told me 
to gently dab my skin after shower and apply this 
within 3 mins :P and if I need to apply again, I had to 
slightly dampen my skin again then apply the cream.

 Another prescribed cream by the doc.. 
for areas with rash.. in my case, on my arms..
They are clearing up quite well..

This is how the rash and bumps look 
like on my arm... ;(

I use Avene thermal water when 
I need to moist my skin..

Parts of my legs and hands are still dry.. 
I know this will not clear up so fast.. 
I need to have patience as well as applying moisturizer everyday! 
Wish me luck in this battle..

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