Monday, May 21, 2012

Bali Getaway Part 5- Jimaran bay

I am gonna conclude my Bali trip in this entry!! Yes, quite over due.. :P

 So yes, we have arrived at the touristy stretch of Jimbaran bay where you will find a whole congregation of seafood restaurants

There were too many to choose from so we heeded the 'suggestion' of our driver and settled for the one he drove us to. This place is very much a tourist trap.. but offers lovely view of the sea and sunset.. However, it wasn't really our day as the clouds decided to hide the sun away from our view :(

 happy dogs enjoying the waves and sunset :)

My heart kinda sank when those clouds 
refuse to move away

the clouds engulfing the yellow yolk..

This was the sunset.. :( 
A rabbit came by

Dinner came around 6ish pm..there were two sets of this..
one in chilli and one non chilli.. 


 Shot and edited on Iphone..posted this on Instagram


Last day in bali..

We had the morning to spend leisurely
before we leave for the airport in the afternoon

strolled down Kuta and went to Discovery mall 
for the much needed air con!

Our last meal in Bali..

Tried sour sally for d first time..:P

Our driver came at 3pm to 
fetch us to the airport..

Preparing to check in

Goodbye Bali..

Last view of this lovely place.

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