Sunday, May 13, 2012

Bali Getaway Part 4- Uluwatu

Okay..i said i have one last installment for our Bali trip..well..looks like I'm wrong!

There will be part 5.. erm..there are just too many photos to show you!

I have been really busy these few wks.. Really! I can't wait to share with you ..but it has to be put on hold for another one or two entries.. unless I change my mind :)

So's my  2nd last part of our Bali trip in April :)

Let's take it from where we left off back then.. After visiting Dreamland beach, we went over to one of the nicest part of Bali *my opinion* ..which is Uluwatu

 There are lots of monkeys in this area.. 
They are well known to snatch things such as glasses, bags, food, hair pins etc. 
We were told to remove anything that is easily snatched by the monkeys..

We witnessed how a monkey managed to grab a slipper 
off the foot of a child.. the poor boy was crying

In the end one of the cleaners got the slipper back after giving the 
monkey a packet of peanuts! and guess what!!
the cleaner promptly asked the boy's parents for (peanut )money... 

Anyway, to enjoy Uluwatu , one has to wear proper shoes. 
It took us about 1 hr or so to walk from one end of the cliff to the other..
We stopped at various sites for photo taking of coz :) 

Sarongs are needed for this scared place.. you will be handed 
one at the entrance upon payment of the admission fee. 

The attraction here is of coz the cliffs and
 wondrous view of the ocean!

Weather was really hot!
Poor Alex dear was sweating buckets 


 More photos of the ocean below us...

Can you see the temple at the other end ?

This is the temple at the cliff..

We were not allowed to enter..


We left the temple grounds and gonna 
make our way to Jimbaran for seafood dinner 
as well as enjoy the sunset~! 

But before that, we stopped over a very small beach ..
it was said that Julia Roberts was here for the filming of
Eat Pray Love... 

Indeed..I do remember this part..a very quick fleeting scene of her walking
in between those walls.. 

This is the way to the have to walk down this flight of stairs 
and go in between the mountain?

Yup...going down now.. 
It's really a tight fit! 

Lots of people at the beach... 

 blur edited it black and white instead

 Shall continue soon!

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