Monday, April 30, 2012

Bali Getaway Part 3 - GWK Park & Dreamland Beach

We started the day by having a dip in the pool followed by breakfast. Went for a walk around Kuta and our driver came by the hotel to pick us up in the afternoon for a trip to Uluwatu.

Before heading there, we stopped by GWK cultural park . The attractions on the roads to Uluwatu weren't that many so since we had time, we agreed to visit this park. What a disappointment I tell you. Admission tickets amounts to about sin $8! that is considered expensive in Bali. Yeah, the status were really hugh and that is about it!  Oh, alot of places in Bali requires one to pay admission fees...the beaches, the temples etc. Most of them are really cheap like Rp 10000-30000
..but this one takes the cake!

It was freaking hot!

view from the park

Next location 
Lovely dreamland beach!
This area is still developing 
Resorts are still being built 
It is said that this area belongs to Tommy Suharto 

 It is a relatively small beach compared to the others.. 
Has been touted as the "New Kuta"

See how clean the beach is...




Miso said...

Oh... This is how GWK looks like in the daytime! We reached there very late at night.. had our dinner in a restaurant there and walked to the the outdoor square. As we couldn't see the scultures clearly, thought the whole place has some mysterious feel to it.. :)

Eileen. 静 said...

The place is hugh..but has a man made feel to it..I felt a bit overwhelmed by all the tall limestone pillars. But really..nothing much to see and it was soooooo hot :P Should be quite 'scary' at nite :P

Miso said...

Yup.. quite eerie at night. We told the students not to use flash.