Wednesday, May 02, 2012

The One who ate at Canton Paradise 乐天小香港

After some interactions on Instagram, we finally met for dinner :) Oh, I'm refeering to my dinner with 3 other friends made on Instagram . We have been commenting on one another's photos for awhile and we tot it wouldn't be a bad idea to catch up over a meal. I have already met one of them at an IG meet two mths ago.

It has been decided that we'll eat at Canton Paradise ( part of Paradise Group) I12 Katong. Somehow we had this idea that dim sum will be served during dinner time..but we were so wrong.. :P  Having seen their delicious dim sum photos on a local food blog, we were all tempted by them!

So you can imagine our disappointment when we found out that dim sum are only served in the more to late noon.. But since we were there already, we decided to just order some dishes to go with rice :)

Having already tried their other sister restaraunts such as Paradise Inn, Paradise Dynasty and Kungfu Paradise, I know Canton Paradise will not be too far off the standard of the other places. 

大肚婆炒饭 was our staple for the nite.
It has olive, tiny bits of salted fish and chye por ( 菜扑) 
It has quite an innovative name don't you think so?
But it was way too salty for us! 

 one of their signature dish..
Sauce was good!

Very normal tuofu topped with minced meat
will give this a miss the next time..

There's both meat and veggie in this dish..
Tender slices of beef with broccoli and golden mushroom 
The sunny side up has to be mixed in ..
Thumbs up! 

鳯爪 aka Phoenix  feet aka chicken feet  in abalone sauce!
how atas is that!!
The sauce goes well with the salty rice

We die die also must have one dim sum dish..
so the feet was quite satisfying

It was the biggest I ever eaten.. 
that's my iphone for comparison

I have a personal liking for food at Paradise group..
of coz there are hits and misses .. not every dish is good..
Generally they do have some standard :)
I will be back for the dim sum!


FoodieFC said...

I like chicken feet too! and the runny egg over the vege yummy!

Eileen. 静 said...

yeah.. the chicken feet is so big hehehe..