Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Punggol Nature Trail in the evenings

Another visit to Punggol Nature Trail.

Started our walk around 6
and were greeted by a rainbow :)

Spotted many of his fellow mates along the way..
and some were, erm, sadly crushed to death :P

As we walked towards the lorong halus bridge
( not going there..but towards that direction )
we heard screams from a grp of Indian family
in front of us. Apparently a small snake slittered
across the pathway.. 
We were not sure if it's posionous..
but now you know!
Be careful of insects and snakes :P

Have not walked this way yet..

The sun says hi..
took this at the nature trail walk
(opp is Coney Island)

Sunset clouds and Mr Moon 
That's Coney Island
A link is being built so that we can 
go there by foot in the near future!

 Perfect place for a stroll 
or evening jog :)

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