Monday, February 13, 2012

Singapore Streets Exhibition at the National Library

Do you know there is an exhibition on Singapore Streets going on at the National Library ( Bras basah )
I had an enlightening afternoon going thru the photos and write up about the street names and buildings along our streets . It was tough trying to give names to so many roads in Singapore..( even though we are just a tiny island~!)

Do you find these street names sign board familiar ?
There was a change of street name sign boards
sometime in the 90s or early 2000s and the 
public could even buy the old ones for keepsake! 

This exhibtion also educate us on some brief history of Singapore 
and how our forefathers lived in the past.

 So interesting!
Never know some of these street names :P

I think in the past people would have shun Sey Yun Kai!

 Roads named after places in Myanmar
 Roads named after Commonwealth countries

 There's also fruit trees names 
in the East Coast area!

 Yes..the rich private estates have 
nice Ang mo places as street names
while the 80% of us have our address 
as some lorongs or some avenues!
How unfair! hahaha
Pls rename my estate! 
\White house lane would be nice..

Do you recongise this place?
It's Hill street..just behind Funan Center 
The bridge and those buildings next to MICA is now gone..
Bustling Chinatown..

This was taken in 1980
Wow, there are still grandmas in those pigtails.. 

Mr Whampo's house..
have since been demolished
was also known as the bendemmer house
I think it was cleared to make way for 
housing estates in Bendemeer and 
also Whampoa estate.

Found some other old pics of this place online.. 

A place I am familier with...Bras Basah. I spent 4 years of my life here..
My secondary school was in Middle Road..
It was on of the last schools to move out of town..

I used to passed by these old shop houses as I walked to school
They were all demolished and Bugis Junction 
stands in their places

For more photos and entertaining and educational info, do visit the exhibition at the Main Library!

Click here for more info on the exhibition 

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