Tuesday, February 07, 2012

The Ones who visited the Titanic Exhibition at Artscience Museum

Have you visited the Titanic exhibition over at Marina Bay Sands? Alex and I went for the exhbition two wks ago on the first day of Lunar new year ( after visitations of coz ). We were there from 6pm-8pm. 

There are two parts to the exhibition. You may wanna watch a documentary on how archaeologist and reporters using special submarines and robots to explore the Titanic 12,600 feet deep in the ocean. It shows how badly damaged the ship is and how dangerous is is to be out in the middle of the ocean doing the exploration works. Do note that you need to pay an additional $5.00 to view this documentary. We did watch it and it was informational to a certain extend. But if cost is an issue, then I would say there is no need to watch it. 

Ticket prices
Non Singaporean citizens-S$24.00
Singaporean citizens- S$20.00
 OCBC card holders( regardless of nationality) -S$17.80 ! 
ooh yes! we both have OCBC cards :P

Upon entering the exhibtion, you will be given your 'boarding pass' 
You will assume one of the passengers on board Titanic
Find out if you are one of the survivors
from the name list at the end of the exhibition :}
In our case, I survived, while Alex erm..didn't 

All my pics were taken with iphone..
the staff kept walking around to check 
if visitors were taking shots..
coz photography is not allowed..

One couple tried to snap a photo at the
first class cabin hallway but was stopped by 
the staff and she even wanted to check their phones :P 

This was one of the replica doors at
the first class cabins..
Told Alex to snap a quick one *-^

First class cabin suite- nice plush bed!
Such opulence~

bear in mind this is April 10th, 1912
First class tickets cost $2,500!
That would be $57,200 at present times!

first class saucer

third class

those who traveled third class were
mostly skilled workers
Third class tickets cost $40 and 
that would be about $500 today..
this is the third class cabin..was a quick shot I took..
on the right side were two of the same beds as this..
so it was 4 passengers in one cabin..


most of the passengers were using leather bags and 
luggage..surprisingly the items kept inside 
were quite in good condition 
(not that badly damaged deep in the ocean bed)

There was a super big piece of 'ice berg' 
at the exhibition..
you can touch it and imagine how cold
those who were stranded in the waters felt..

many of the passengers died of hypothermia
instead of drowning in the ocean..
it was just too cold :(

 Leather boots!

at the museum shop

There is a humongous Salvatore Ferragamo 
shoe outside the exhibition hall :D

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