Friday, February 03, 2012

Coffee break at The Orange Thimble

Venue: The Orange Thimble

Popped into this cafe almost 3 wks has been around for awhile. Can you really blame me for being slow to try out the indie cafes? There are just way too many new ones just in the past one year. Coffees and cakes at these places don't exactly come cheap :P Best way to enjoy them is to go with a few good friends! Good company and good desserts go hand in hand!

We got there about 630pm.Right..strange time for desserts..but we had lunch at a strange time yeah.. :P It was quite packed ..but most people were just about to leave..

old mosaic tiles
and a puddle of coffee!

check out the old safe the doorsteps 

nice cozy corner..
was taken when we got there..

We were seated right smack 
in the middle..
Right next to the cake display case!

Soft and not too sweet
Matcha and red beans :D

Oh so rich!
Hazelnut Dacquoise, 
Rich Valrhona Chocolate and Hazelnut Meringue
All these desserts were shared by 5 of us..
This is way too much for one person!

my hot mocha and 
quite normal coffee art
can draw something cute?

 Such old school charm..

Didn't take much photos..and besides
I bet you have read about Orange Thimble on 
other blogs too :P

Prob.go back soon for the real food..

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