Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Just the two of us - Punggol beach

Just the two of us..

We spend the rest of the day visiting the National Library for an exhibition and having a nice drive to Punggol Beach after our Valentines lunch :)

Quiet long drive in ..I like the trees on both side of the road

My earliest memory of Punggol beach like a lot of my friends remembered was the seafood restaurant by the coastal area. I think it was called Punggol Point. Now this place is known as Punggol Promenade . I could recall my visits to the seafood restaurant with my family . It must have been quite traumatizing for me as a child since I could vividly remember the wooden planks that made up the place ..and how big those lizards were. Yeah, lots of lizards were snooping around ..I kid you not..  and it was open air dining, over looking the sea. 

The Punngol point now no longer has that kampong feel but there is still that hint of rustic and countryside to it.

 I love this place now.. 
Why do I say now? coz it is only matter of time
when this place is properly developed and 
truck loads of people will come ..
then it will be just like any where else in Singapore..

There are two lili ponds near the beach..
but no lilis to be seen..
There are lots of small fishes inside though..
Some families were seen feeding them with bread :) 

A bit about Pounggol Beach

There is no direct access to this part of the beach..
you gotta walk on some huge stones..
So forget it if you are wearing heels
* I have seen stupid girls who wear heels to the beach*
Go at your own risk..espeically if you are there with kids 
Lots of big stones like these..and debris
 There is a viewing deck just above the police security post
it over looks the sea n jetty

at the viewing deck

That's Johor Bahru at the opp.side..
Bump boats stopping to drop passengers from the Outward bound 
school in Ubin..

 The sky n sun at 6.30pm

There are plans for F&B development next to the beach..
So enjoy the tranquility while it last

Guess what! 
There will be a horse riding school and( I heard) chalets
just next to the Promenade
Rustic isn't it ? 
Doesn't feel like it's in Singapore :P


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