Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Just the two of us - Jewel bridge@ Punggol

We left Punggol Beach to explore another part of Punggol...

We went in search of the Jewel Bridge . Getting there sure is hard~! We could have walked from the beach but that would mean a long walk and gotta go beyond Punggol Marina via the Punggol Park Connector. Instead, we managed to spot it while driving around. Had to park illegally along Punggol Way. The nearest LRT station is Sumang LRT . Was so happy to have finally found it..coz it's one of the places along the trail we have yet to covered. 

The bridge overlooks Punggol Reservoir

There is a big open space near the waterway..

One of the nicer place to catch the sun set :)

Nice and tranquil on Valentines day

We will definitely be back again :)

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