Thursday, March 01, 2012

Sunday brunch at Torte

It was Sunday brunch with Wei ting and her cute niece two wks ago =>

There was an Instagram photo walk with SGIG ( Singapore Instagram group) that afternoon, so I decided to invite Wei ting along since she is also posting ( thou sporadically hehe ) on Instagram.

We had a nice brunch at Torte before heading off to meet the group near Cathay.

Oh, Torte is located at Waterloo street ( behind St Joseph Church, walk pass the block of HDB flats ) It's tucked in a corner of the Singapore Council of Women's Organisations (SCWO) building.

Owner Jason Ong started the place as a dessert cafe, but soon evolved to include meals to the menu

 It's all alfreso dining ;) 
it's quite shady, and there are fans too ..
so not to worry about the heat..
( unless it's really a hot day I suppose )

The menu changes everyday ( so i heard) 
and yeah, the brunch menu every weekend is also different 
Prices are very reasonable!
Each meal ranges about $9-10++
and dinner is about $13++ 

Here's what we ordered

The little girl wanted pancakes.. but guess what! She literally just want pancakes.. sans the jams and fruity condiments..

So no prizes for guessing who were the ones who finished the remaining pancakes in the end..  -_-''

Pancakes were delicoius on it's owner cum chef Jason 
said he has added butter to the pancake batter :) 

Wei ting's chicken leg with herbs and risotto
Nice! Flavorful

 Here's mine..
spicy and chicken sausages , rosti, and scrambled eggs 
top with cheese.. yummm :D

Thankfully we went for a photo walk later on.. 
coz we wiped out everything on the plates..

Oh well.. what the heck..
we had ice cream half way thru taking photos.. 

Singapore Council of Women’s Organisations Centre Building
96 Waterloo Street
Singapore 187967
Tel: +65 6571 0197 

Opening hours:
Lunch: Mon to Fri 12noon – 2pm
Dinner: Wed to Fri 6:30pm – 8:30pm
Brunch: Sun 10am – 3pm

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