Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Lunar New Year Part II

I am getting really lazy.. :P Even though the Lunar New Year isn't quite over, the mood just isn't there anymore.. In fact, there wasn't much of a festive mood this year :( So here I am , being lazy..not having much mood to blog about my new year either..  One thing for sure.. it's different coz I got quite a lot of red packets this year! Oh and of coz, I went visiting with Alex :P 

Here are some photos from first, sec and fourth day of the Lunar New Year .

Spent first day at home entertaining relatives
and cousins . Later in the afternoon, Alex and I 
went to MBS for the Titanic exhibition
( will write another post about the exhibition)

2nd day was slightly busier,  having to pop by Alex's place ( Bedok )  in the morning followed by visiting his maternal relatives at his uncle's place( Pasir Ris). That's where Ah Gong (grandpa is about 85? )lives . After late lunch and lou hei at his uncle's, we went to Pounggol for another round of visitation. What is new year if I didn't meet up with my gals! 

Took pics with Jeslyn and see that's her
seated on the table for the lou hei!

Stayed at Lynn's place for quite awhile..
We ate, we played some cards :P
we were entertained by the kids!

Visited Christine and her parents on the fourth day 

and here are my cutest god daughter and god son..
They are growing up so fast!

In case you have not notice..all my clothing have so far
been rather bright and festive! 

I am trying to do the bright colored clothes for 15
days of the new year! I did it last yr :P

So far I have not worn any black top! hehe..
Will try to keep it going..

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