Friday, January 20, 2012

The One who Collects Pretty Red Packets

It's just 2 more days to the Dragon year!  Are you as excited as me with the though of big feasting and receiving red packets? I am all prepared! Have bought myself some clothes, shoes etc to welcome the brand new Lunar Year :) 

Before we celebrate and eat till we bloat, here are some red packets I have gotten this year.. Some were given by friends while others were given by shopping centers and stores. I am glad that many of them were very well designed and only one has the dragon motif..

The red packet quality this year seems 
better! Paper quality that is..from Merrill lynch
Purple is Somerset 313 and the
one with kids is Robobank

These are some of my fav.
Robinson, DBS & POSB

Standard Charted
Not bad..can use for wedding ang baos too

This is good~ had an online red packet 
giveaway and I managed to receive a pack 

Creative I must say~!
From Geox, shoe brand..
The only one in my collection 
that has dragon..
has different designs in one pack

These were not conclusive of what I have this year, just that these are the better looking ones.. the rest couldn't make it to this blog :P

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