Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The One who bought HappyCall pan

The Happy call pan we ordered from GMarket is here! This is the shop I ordered from in Gmarket - Star Shop I suggest you do a comparsion of the different shops before deciding which one to order from . The price doesn't really differ much thou the kinds of add on and 'freebies' are different. Do check it out if you are interested.

I had a tiny bit of grouse with the delivery and packaging. I ordered on the 11th of Jan and reached my door steps on the 16 of Jan which was yesterday. If not for the wkends, I would have received it even earlier! Coz I could track when the pan has arrived in SG..and it was here on the 13 of Jan . But yeah, I am quite pleased that it only took 5 days to reach me! One more thing to take note. Remember to state your hp number on the Gmarket order form. This is becoz the courier just deliver as and when. The delivery lady only called me when she was at my doorstep! So imagine if you are not around or no one is at home..gotta arrange for delivery again. Quite a hassle.

There it is!

Not quite happy with the packing
There is no plastic nor bubble wrapping
The pan looks okay and I tried to flip it on the stove to test
how heavy it will be ..it' will be a good workout for the arms..

It's quite easy to cook vegetables with the Happy Call
Always start with a dry pan..wipe it with kitchen towel if needed 
I started out with low heat..placed the chopped garlic in then the veg..erm..ya..added a bit of oil..as I just want to kinda steam the veg. I increased the fire slightly and also added some diluted oyster sauce for taste. I lowered the upper pan and close it. I could hear some sizzling sound from the pan after like 2 mins..and my dou miao is done :)
I also cooked my grandma's veg..
the same way as above..
As for fish..it seemed a little tricky
Here are two pieces of salmon
I added a tiny bit of oil as
the fish produces oil itself
in the process of cooking..
I set it to low heat for slightly about a min or so..
then increase the fire..
Not sure why but my salmon didn't quite turn out to be pan fried
like the ones they show on the commercial

Still the fish turn out well..
I love this pan so far coz
there is no need to watch out for oil splatters

The kitchen isn't as oily as it was after cooking a meal..

Will experiment with other food the next time!

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